Art Bar, BGC

If you are in the Philippines, and have recently been curious about Visual Arts or maybe have gone through some wonderful Art posts over IG, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about this new store that just opened in Serendra, BGC in Taguig. Art Bar, catchy and on point right? I dunno but it makes my heart jump like a unicorn. Haha.

Yesterday, I got the chance to finally visit the store for myself and see a lil bit more High Street after x number of years! Yay! Incidentally, the British Festival Weekend is being held over the weekend so I did get to see more of the Brits’  game, tech and art too!

Art Bar is owned and operated by Powerbooks Inc. (says on the receipt) which, we all know is owned by NBS or National Bookstore. Props to NBS for hearing the call of the growing Art Community. The strain of having to visit several stores at a time to get art supplies and yes, what about shipping fees? Huhu. Thank you NBS!

Let me share with you what I got to see there!
The store is now where Powerbooks used to be in Serendra. It occupies the same 2 floors and also has a mini Toby’s Estate Cafe right inside(!)

Iced Chai Latte from Toby’s Estate inside Art Bar 

I have a list of supplies that I urgently need so I told myself that if I do splurge, heaven forbid, I had to get what I need over what I desire. You can see my humble loot from behind the latte, just paint brushes for watercolor and some brush pens. But my heart is happy not just from my loot but from gazing upon this haven of Art supplies. I mean look! Here are some snaps that I managed to take in between gasps. haha.

Zig Kuretake, Memento, Versa craft Products




Art Bar carries a wide array of products from following brands : Faber Castell, Shin Han, Derwent, Stabilo, Sennelier, Raphael Brushes, Princeton Snap brushes, Zig Kuretake, Winsor and Newton watercolors and brush pens, Pebeo, Prismacolor, Memento, Versa craft, Canson, Fabriano, Sakura, Tombow. I know  I missed something but these amount of pens and watercolor products were really overwhelming. ❤



The second floor has more serious Artist Grade loot

Art Products up to the Second floor!


My Precious ❤


The second floor is also an Art Studio. I think they can conduct workshops here for a small group as well.




We spent almost half a day in Serendra and High Street and came back here twice. I like the lighting better in the early evening to take pictures 🙂  It was also a tad hot inside Art Bar at 2pm since the store has mostly glass panel walls around. So I suggest, get there around 5pm onwards and stay until it’s time for dinner. haha.

Art Bar is definitely a haven. They have student grade and artist grade supplies right smack in one place, in the widest variety I’ve seen so far.(In my limited exposure to Art Supplies stores, to note) The ambience and vibe is definitely A+ too. Now since I’m a Calligrapher, I did of course try to look for Calligraphy nibs.They have very limited of such and have yet to offer an assortment – Calligraphy Nibs, pen holders. They only have a set of straight holder and a nib; and some nibs from Zig Kuretake. No assortment of vintage nibs, too like such with The Craft Central  And. I also wish they can score  Dr. ph Martin Watercolor, India Inks and Ecoline Inks!

Over all, I definitely enjoyed checking this store out and hoping they can get more dip pen calligraphy supplies inside. My wallet is  yet to overtake my desire of hoarding (dreaming yes! ) artist grade supplies. I sure hope to get there soon!  In the mean time, I’m trying out brushes from Raphael and Princeton Snap, Fabriano paper, (for watercolor lettering and some florals) all of which are nowhere available in Nueve Ecija. Might I just add: creating art isn’t always about the materials that we use, it is also about our curiosity and eagerness to learn and develop our craft.

You haaave to check out Art Bar too, get your legit Art supplies, recharge for the thrill and high of it and see a glimpse of this ever – growing Art Community <3.

After all Art is good. yes! ❤

Art Bar is at 1/F Serendra Piazza, Mc Kinley Parkway, Fort Bonifacio, BGC







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