Roaming the Past

Corregidor in Bataan is divine. It is a small island off the coast of Manila.

I finally had the chance to explore this place for a Day tour last December 2o16. After a truck load of of attempts to pull it off with some friends, one December sunday did the trick.  I had the urge to see this place because the lure of WW2 Filipino-American-Japanese history + the 1 hour travel from Manila via Sun Cruises to Bataan is downright tempting.

We only had 3 hours of sleep but we were at Sun Cruises near MOA Areana before 7am. You know you want to relish the Sea when you’re taking pictures of Manila Bay in early morning. Don’t get me wrong, I love Manila Bay. I live in Central Luzon which is right smack – no sea breeze. I still want to take that Manila Bay Cruise at night, soon!



So yes, Corregidor ❤ We got to have a tour guide. neat eh? He fed us the most trivializing facts from WW2, Japanese occupation and took us to places where other groups skipped 😀 It’s been a while since I listened to History and it’s a good feeling watching myself ponder on events that greatly made impact to this nation we call home. As many may put it lightly, it feels good to be back.


Army Barracks Ruins

Although some stories were profoundly melancholic,  it was refreshing to get a clearer perspective on how much History there is, in this little island that protected and fought for Manila for hundreds of years. Beyond the Art, the beautiful scenery, the century-old military garrisons and traces of war torn battle, it was hard to ignore the deeper sense of appreciation of having explored WWII, a little bit further than usual. The atmosphere of heroism, grief and the glorious ruins were certainly more than a day tour outside the city. And, definitely worth  it despite the 3 hour sleep we had the night before. Definitely worth coming back to as well!


Bring water bottle especially on a hot day because there is walking involved in between tour stops. A hearty lunch is included in the Sun Cruises package. You can check out their website or Metrodeal, like we did to get a good deal:) And, be at the Esplanade Sea Side Terminal before 7am to make sure that you board on time.

If you’re interested in taking this tour – actually; better yet:  YOU HAVE TO TAKE THIS tour. It is one of the many wonders you can experience when travelling in the Philippines.





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